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Car Speaker Installation and Mounting

MTX recommends your speakers be installed by an Authorized MTX retailer. Be sure to verify all connections prior to system turn on.

MTX Speaker Install

Example THUNDER Component Car Speaker System

  1. Unbox all products being used to verify you have everything you need before starting.

  2. Remove the negative battery terminal.

  3. Check for the locations of the speakers to be replaced, and/or the speaker mounting holes, and make sure the speaker is the right size replacement. You may have separate components (mid-range, tweeter, etc) and a crossover to mount for each channel. Consult specific manual.

  4. Check with auto manufacturer for dash, door or rear deck access.

  5. Check for any existing broken or damaged mounting parts that may need to be replaced.

  6. Check for any screws that may hold on panels that the speakers may be behind. Look carefully for hidden screws.
    • Some panels covering the speakers may be just a snap on panel that can be removed with a panel removal tool.
    • Panel tools can be purchased at local hardware, tool or truck store (Snap-on, Matco, Harbor Freight, etc)

  7. Remove the panel and unplug any and all wiring to the panel.
    • Some panels use clips, some need to slide others need to lift.

  8. With the panel removed, unscrew the original speaker and replace with the new MTX speaker.

  9. Using MTX speaker wire adapters will aid in getting the new speakers connected to the vehicle without cutting any wires.

  10. Reinstall the panel covering the speaker.

  11. Reconnect the negative battery terminal.

  12. Turn on the radio and enjoy your new MTX speakers!
    • Radio bass and treble settings may need to be adjusted for optimum sound.

Enjoy your MTX Speakers!

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