Valuable articles on how to choose, match, build and install components for all of your audio applications.

About Speakers


  Sound, what it is and how it works.

Audio Electronics
  Volts, Ohms, Watts and how they all work together.

  Description of the construction of a Loudspeaker

Why Add an Amplifier?
  Speakers sound better with a separate amplifier.

General Car Audio Questions and Education



How To Choose The Right Subwoofers
  If you are new to car audio, choosing the right subwoofer can seem like a challenge, with so many subwoofer options out there. How can you decide which one is the best for you?

Subwoofer Power Handling
  Assumption: The higher the rated power handling, the louder it will sound? Perfectly logical, but not always true.

Subwoofer Voice Coils: Single vs Dual
  Which subwoofer version is best for you?

Matching Amps: Subwoofer Impedance
  Calculating impedance of multiple subwoofers to match system to the proper amplifier.

What Ohms Are and Why You Should Care
  Understanding speaker impedance will help you pick the best amplifier to run your speakers or subwoofers.

Five Tips For Choosing The Best Subwoofer Package
  Choosing the best ready-to-install subwoofer package for you.

Subwoofer Cooling
  Choose a car subwoofer with adequate internal cooling features to ensure sound quality and durability if you listen at loud volume for long periods.

Square Subwoofers vs. Round Subwoofers... Which is better?
  Understanding the differences in sound and performance between square and round subwoofers.

The MTX Inverted Apex Subwoofer Surround
  Why MTX Subwoofers? The Inverted Apex Surround is one of the huge differences that powers more and better sound.

Car Subwoofers: SPL or SQ?
  Sound pressure level (loud!) or sound quality? Or both?

Ported vs Sealed Subwoofer Enclosures
  Which style subwoofer enclosure is best for you?


Why Add an Amplifier?
  How can your car audio system benefit from an amplifier?

Car Amplifier Power: Don't Be A Victim
  That 3,000-watt amp you bought from a department store for $119.99... It doesn't really have 3,000-watts of power output. 

Two Common Car Amplifier Power Mistakes
  Don’t mistake PEAK power with RMS power and don’t choose an amplifier based on a power rating at an impedance your subwoofers cannot provide.


Speaker Frequency vs Audio Frequency
  What are music frequencies and how do they relate to speakers?

Upgrading Your Stock Speakers
 The #1 way to improve your vehicle's audio system


How to Set Your Amplifier's Gain
  How to properly set the gain on your amplifier using Ohm's law and a multimeter.

How to Wire Your Subwoofers to the Correct Impedance
  Wire your subwoofers or speakers to maximize the power and performance of your amplifier by matching the speaker impedance to the amplifier's capability.

The New 95 Series Superwoofers - Thermal Management Video
  How the best subwoofer keeps cool to deliver accurate, high sound quality at loud volume for long periods.

The New 95 Series Superwoofers - Inverted Apex Surround Video
  How the best subwoofer delivers maximum SPL for a given diameter cone.

Installation Information


Crossovers and Filters
  Make sure the right parts of the music go to the right speaker.

Speaker Application
  What the Recommended Enclosure information means.

Audio Formulas
  Unit Conversion and Electronic Formulas

Remote Turn on Wire
  What it does and how to install it

Audio Glossary
  What does Xmax mean?

Subwoofer Phase
  Ensuring multiple subwoofers are wired in phase unless reverse mounted.

Subwoofer Wiring Diagrams
  Car subwoofer wiring diagram lookup for various number of subs at various impedance.

Car Subwoofer Installation & Mounting
  General guidelines for installing car subwoofers.

Car Speaker Installation & Mounting
  General guidelines for installing car speakers.

Car Amplifier Installation & Mounting
  General guidelines for installing car speaker and subwoofer amplifiers.

Car Amplifier Tuning And Features
  You need to understand car amplifier settings in order to properly set and use them.

Do Big Stereos Need Extra Batteries?
  How to calculate when you need to add batteries, or upgrade alternators, for large power audio systems.

Car Audio Test Tones
  Download these test tones below to help set up the amplifier in your system.

Why Use Higher Quality Audio Wiring?
  Proper quality of audio wiring is important to the performance of a stereo system.

When To Add Capacitors to Your Car Subwoofer System
  Large wattage car stereo amplifiers draw large amounts of current from your vehicle's electrical system. Adding capacitors can help prevent undervoltage problems.

About External or Remote Bass Controls
  An external bass controller (EBC) will allow you to adjust the subwoofer bass level, but its a common misconception is that they are volume knobs for your subwoofers.

The Many Benefits Of Sound Deadening Material
  Sound deadening materials are products used to reduce the rattling in the body panels and license plates of a vehicle. Sound deadening products improve the quality and SPL of your system.


How to Set Your Amplifier's Gain Using Ohms Law
  A critical procedure to balance the amplifier output to the subwoofer maximum output.

How to Wire Your Subwoofers to the Correct Impedance for Your Amplifier
  Choose the most efficient amplifier delivering adequate power to rock your subs, but without spending too much for wasted power.

How To Install Factory Replacement Door Speakers
  Replace stock speakers with great sounding component replacements.

MTX Audio RT8PT Subwoofer Package Install in 2003 Subaru Outback
  See a complete subwoofer install.

About Building Car Subwoofer Enclosures?


Enclosure Design
  How to make sure you have the right application for your speaker.

Enclosure Construction
  How to make sure you built your enclosure correctly!

Speaker Application
  What the Recommended Enclosure information means.

  Unit Conversion and Electronic Formulas

  What does Xmax mean?

Powersports Audio


MTX Powersports Audio
  MTX weather resistant audio components designed for use on ATV’s, UTV’s, SXS, motorcycles, boats, golf carts, and other off-road recreational vehicles (ORV’s) are bringing THUNDER to the outdoor crowd.

Do I Need a 2nd Battery for My UTV Audio System?
  Understanding your UTV's electrical system can help ensure the performance of your aftermarket electrical accessories.

Outdoor Sports Vehicles: Four Tips For A Good Sound System
  Some tips in shopping for a great sports vehicle audio system.

MTX Custom UTV Audio Layouts
  MTX custom UTV audio systems shown as product layouts.

Motorcycle Audio Systems
  Motorcycle audio has to sound good at high volume in the open-air with little space to install speakers...

Golf Cart Audio Systems
  For years, people have been customizing their golf carts by adding audio systems, lift kits, custom wheels, custom upholstery, and more...

Home Audio


How to Design a Surround Sound System for your Home Theater
  Make your television viewing into a theather experience.

A-BUS Multi-Room Audio Overview
  A-BUS creates a versatile whole-house audio delivery system that will fill your home with high-quality music for years to come.

Audio Interest


Are You Finding Good Music?
  You may only be scratching the surface of what could become one of your most rewarding hobbies… building your own music library.

4 Simple Ways To Improve Your Vehicle's Audio System
  Everybody loves music. Ever dream your audio could sound like a concert or high end movie theater? Here are four tips to help you improve the sound quality of music in your vehicle.